Antique Tractor Pull Rules

1.  All contestants enter at their own risk.   SAFETY IS THE #1 PRIORITY OVER ALL RULES
2. Driver must remain in seat at all times and operate the tractor in a safe manner at all times on and off the track. Think of safety for you and others.
3. All tractors will be flagged to stop when the front tires reach 24” off the track if not equipped with wheelie bars.
4. All tires must be on the tractor. Tires can be mounted forwards or backwards. No tracks, duals or chains allowed.
5. All tractors must reweigh and have hitch height checked before hooking to the eliminator.  Nothing can be added or taken off the tractor after you have officially weighed in.
6. All tractors must be in neutral while hooking up.
7. The pull will start with a tight hook up, no jerky starts.
8. A driver can stop to change gears within the first 50 feet, if they can restart under their own power.
9. If anything falls off the tractor while pulling, that pull is stopped and measured where the part is lying.
10. The pull is considered over one the forward motion of the sled stops.
11. The track officials have the right to stop any entry at any time during the pull, and reserve the right to disqualify or deny entry at any time.  The official’s word is final!
12. Drawbar must be a minimum of 18” and a maximum of 20" from center of rear axle to hook point.  Must have a rigid drawbar.  Fast hitches must be locked.  Puller must supply a 3 ½” pulling eye or twisted clevis.
13. Engine speed must be controlled by throttle lever only, No strings or wires allowed. No wires on governor.
14. No locked or welded rear ends.
15. Pull position will be determined by a random drawing at registration.
16. Track boundary violation occurs when any wheels of the tractor touch the side boundary line.  The pull will be measured from the out of boundary spot.
17. Drivers meeting rule changes made by pull officials take priority over these printed rules and these rules are subject to change.
18. Anyone caught tampering with a tractor other than their own will be disqualified from pulling.
19.  The pull will run rain or shine.
20. If you have any suggestions to the rules or pull, let an official know for next year. We are always willing to make the pull bigger and better.
Class Rules 
Virgin Farm
Stock Block, Stock Head, Stock Ignition, Stock Wheels and Tire Sizes, Working Governor, Original Engine and Chassis Parts, Preferred Factory Weights, Brackets and mounting locations, Original Drawbar, 18” or lower Drawbar Height, Must pull in First or Second gear only
NO cut tires, Radial Tires, Homemade Aluminum PTO Covers, No RPM’s over 10% stock RPM’s,
No M’s, 88’s and 44’s below 4,500lb classesThe idea for this class is so local farmers can bring in their tractors straight from the fields and compete with others in their classes.  We will allow a 100lb grace weight for the different weight configurations on these field tractors.
Semi Stock 
Must Have!!!
Wheelie Bars Strong Enough to Hold the Tractor, Kill Switch and Flywheel rotection for RPMS up to 30% of the Original Factory RPMS, if running over 30% RPMS, you must also have a certified (signed document) steel flywheel and clutch assembly, working governor, Fenders, Only 50lb grace weight, Maximum 20" Drawbar Height.
NO tire size limit, weight configuration limits or speed limits, No M's, 88's and 44's below 4,500 lb. classes.
Farm Stock Classes
3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 6500, 7500, 8500, 9500 and 10,000
Semi Stock Classes
4500, 5500, 6500
Hot Farm Class
Ron with plow
The Nicklaus fleet of bean harvesters
2 Tractors in a Field